Wednesday, February 11, 2009

day 41...2/10/09 in the trenches & on the battlefield...

Earlier today, I told Goozy (oldest nephew) & MiddleE that they could set up today's pic. I had pics of snow that I complained about on facebook and my cousin said "it's better than mud" so I decided to get pics of the rain/mud we are dealing with now that the snow has mostly melted.... oh yes, even after 4 days of 50*+ weather there is still some snow lingering in corners and on street sides!
So the boys (both 10) set out with their bucket of military men (they are no longer army men, they represent all of the armed forces lol) in search of the perfect dirty battlefield. These are the photos that resulted ;).
The one is of a lone soldier in the trenches, perhaps covering a scouting commerade. The 2nd is of a surrounded enemy (you can barely see him in the background, he is the tan figurine). You can see the mud and sludge thrown up on the barricade, possibly from a recent mortar round exploding nearby?.... You would absolutely understand my descriptions if you would have heard those boys setting these scenes up ;) (complete with sound effects, I might add).


  1. *lol*
    My boy also play with these sometimes, and they have strategi meetings.
    Love the photos!

  2. I live in California so I don't know much about snow. But I went to Denver a few weeks ago and learned snow doesn't melt in the shade, even when it's 70 degrees in the sun. Thanks for being my blog follower!

  3. LOL Great photos, hon! You've been tagged on my P365 blog for a fun photo challenge!


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