Tuesday, February 10, 2009

day 39...2/8/09

Remember these friendly li'l monkeyish critters? The Monchichies? I had several of the figurines when I was little. Mom would go every few weeks and splurge on a new one for me and a new smurf for my sister (early 80's) from Hallmark. I only have one of my original collection, but a couple years ago I bought a small lot of the figurines off of ebay. Among them was this lil cutie. She was one of my favorites when I was little because I discovered that I could use her tail and lil pony tail hair as a crayon lol (if you rubbed them on white paper the paint would rub off lol so mine was tail and pony tail "bald"...this one is not ;) ). Do you remember the rhyme/hand jive with the surprise ending?!
something along the lines of
Monchichi Monchichi I'm so soft & cuddly,
Monchichi Monchichi I can play atari,
Monchichi Monchichi I can do "the fonzy",
Monchichi Monchichi OOPS I'm sorry!

(you hugged yourself for cuddly, you did the joystick move on your hand for atari, you did the slick "ehhhhh" hand move by your head for "the fonzy" then it was a dash to see who had the quicker hand to smack your "friend" on the cheek for the oops I'm sorry)....sheesh we were such suh-weet kids!

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