Thursday, March 5, 2009

day 43...2/12/09

:) It is Thursday and Valentines Day isn't until Saturday, but since the pre-k only goes to school Mon-Thurs they celebrated Valentine's Day today! I love hair blogs and this is a style that I saw on one of them! isn't it cute?! The little girl that they showed it on had long straight beautiful hair. As most of you know my sweet Li'l T has beautiful hair, but it is curly and coarse and kinda shortish so I was not sure if it would work....well IT DID!
Everyone LOVED it (including me and Li'l T!!!) and so many people commented on it! So Happy Valentine's Day!

day 42...2/11/09

The weather warmed up and brought with it a pretty cool storm front! There were these HUGE clouds (like this one) that seemed to touch the ground (note the house in the lower left corner for a size reference)! Then if you turned around the sky was blue and clear in one direction, full of whispy cirrus clouds, yet in another area of the sky you had these little floofy was crazy and beautiful! Is it any wonder that people have marveled at the sky and weather from the beginning of time?!