Friday, April 3, 2009

day 44 thru 59 (2/13-28/09)....gotta get caught up!

Ok so this is going to be one hellaciously long post. I will keep commentary to a minimum lol. I have been taking the pics, but haven't taken the time to post in almost 2 months so the following is a quick run down on my 365 project in Feb.

Day 59....2/28/09

We met up with a friend and her girls for lunch...700 and some miles from home! lol These 3 hit it off like they had been pals for years and years :)

Day 58....2/27/09
Heading out on our first long trip...Just me and Li'l T headed on a 1498 mile trip to go to my biological father's funeral.

Day 57....2/26/09
"NONE shall pass...." do we have any monty python fans in the house?....well this is our hillbilly troupe Monty Garder Snake

This is how we spend much of our afternoons...Li'l T putting on "puppet" shows with her toys and me snapping pics of it so that when HER lil ones do this day in and day out I can pull out the old pics *bwahahahaha*

Day 56....2/25/09
Just a day at the park with the kids and the nephews :) was really warm when we left home but by the time we got to the park (about 4 miles away) it was sooooooooo cold! They had fun anyways ;)

My friend's son used to call these Sweetgum fruits "baby elephants" because he was convinced that they were elephant eggs and that baby elephants hatched out of them lol.

I think they have seen The Polar Express one too many times....keep in mind they are both 10 yrs

Just being her pretty self for a moment before running off to play.

He was trying to control the runaway train I think....Goozie is hiding, he was right beside Middle E when I got the camera up lol.

Bubba lost a tooth :D

Day 55....2/24/09
WHOOPS, the whoopi cushion had a blow out and Li'l T had a meltdown....that girl loves her gas jokes....

Day 54....2/23/09
I love the irony of this pic....that scratch on Li'l T's wrist is a direct result of a previous poking endeavor.....go figure

Day 53....2/22/09
it snowed....again.....

Day 52....2/21/09
Tippy & Jillybean looking adorable as ever! (that is my baby brother and his girl ;) )

Bubba's 6th bday party (his bday was on the 18th)....I can't believe how big he is getting....

reach for it!!!!!

Day 51....2/20/09
Middle E was convinced that he could build a remote control car....all you need is a matchbox hummer, 2 batteries, 2 oversized paperclips, a bit of yarn and a remote control from a car that broke....he couldn't figure out for the life of him why this wouldn't work!

My newest "grandbaby"....Li'l T loves these chubby little babies

Just a pretty day and a pretty girl :)

Day 50....2/19/09
Even my cat Zoe gives me the mean mug when I try to get a decent pic! She's much cuter when she isn't staring you down like this....sigh

And Middle E's "Gov. Blagojevich" hair is getting a bit out of hand...

Day 49....2/18/09
Rockin' out with your big brother is the best way to spend a lazy day :)

L-dest used my tripod as a makeshift mic stand lol

Day 48....2/17/09
Ok so maybe even the kitten is done with pics now....

Not all pics are of those happy smiling moments....I was trying to do an impromptu shoot with Li'l T and Bubba and Li'l T's fingers got mashed between the fence and Bubba's back...she wasn't too happy but it made for a cute shot none-the-less lol

Malachi got busted trying to dig out from under the fence (probably to go visit the family who took him in for 2 days when he came up missing a couple yrs ago....he visits them every few months when he escapes)... He tried to play it off like he was innocent, but the mud on his paws...chest...neck...belly say differently!

Day 47....2/16/09
What do you do when the kids are hiding from the camera, the kitten is mad at you and you need a pic for the day? You wing it....

Day 46....2/15/09
Li'l T loves goin' swimming but when the weather is this cold and momma doesn't feel like toting the whole crew to the YMCA sometimes the bathtub just has to do :)

Silly Jofehfeen....she is the only pet or human in this house that doesn't run from the fact she thinks that it is some sort of toy...or maybe she thinks it holds food by the looks of this pic!

Day 45....2/14/09
Isn't it weird how time seems to stand still when you are the one with the ball? :) This was Middle E's game on Valentine's Day....the day that marks the 14th anniversary for mine & Mike's wedding :) Seeings as how I am 32, that is a pretty big accomplishment now days! Praise God for His love and mercy and the blessing of marriage!

Day 44...2/13/09
My first try at a night shot with my new camera....not the best but I am learning :)
I now know that I need a tripod for night shots....I need a tele lens or need to be closer...and it needs to freaking be warmer when I try it!


  1. LOVING the pics chickadee! Miss you and hope to make a trip up to see you again soon!!! (((Hugs)))

  2. So glad to hear from you again! Wonderful, wonderful pics. All of them are great, but I think my favorite is Tink poking the cat. The symmetry of the previous injury is just too cute. :)


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